“Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”
“Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”
“Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”
“Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”

“Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”

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ORIGINAL - Acrylic on board
SIZE: 6” x 6” / 15.25 x 15.25 cm

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DESCRIPTION  “Okanagan - Pine Lake edge”
The bright shoreline and warm desert hills create a sweeping backdrop to dark and ragged ancient pine. Reflecting in the still Okanagan lake waters and contrasting with deep blues and aqua of the shining sky. Beneath the old pine, native Oregon Grape crowds the shore with texture and color.

FRAMED MINI collection
Each 6x6 inch MINI painting is an original acrylic.
Mounted in a deep, front loading satin black frame, it can stand alone on a shelf or ledge, or hang on the wall.
Frame measures 7 5/8in x 7 5/8in x 2 1/8in deep

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