GIFT CARD certificate

GIFT CARD certificate

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Gift Certificates

Choosing art is a very personal, subjective thing. Perhaps a gift card is the best option. This pre-paid certificate can be used for art purchase online or in the gallery.


for Learning (classes and private lessons)

Gift cards must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase. With the artist's travel commitments and studio work schedules to be considered.

$60 CAN per hour (in person) 
2 Hr MINIMUM   $120.00

Once the recipient/student has been "gifted" they can contact me to schedule a preliminary discussion (free 15-20 min)
and to schedule a lesson time that works best for the student & myself.

What to expect...
In a preliminary meeting or call - we will talk about your past experience, inspiration and style of art that excites you. It helps for me to see some of your work or ideas. This gives me the best tools to design a lesson plan just for your skill level & preferences.

Do not purchase (or gift) any materials BEFORE your lessons.

I recommend starting with a 2 hr private lesson - to discuss materials required and the subject & direction of learning. Weekly lessons are fine - but if you are working or busy with family etc it can be once a month or longer between sessions. Come back for more instruction after working with your new creative skills & knowledge.

work with me

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