Dawn Pine islands - Lac des Isle

Dawn Pine islands - Lac des Isle

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ORIGINAL - ACRYLIC on Deep Canvas | PRINTS available

SIZE: 30” x 30” / 76.20 x 76.20 cm

From my first morning – waking on the shores of Lac des Isle near Entrelac Quebec. Yes it looked like this. No exaggeration. Waves of sweeping clouds, bright with breaking dawn rose into the sky and folded back down into perfect reflections on the mirrored lake.

I cannot explain the wonder at the majestic profile of the White Pines. Not like any forest that I have known. Their feathery branches wide and low – and standing alone among the golden leafy mounds of maples and beeches. The eastern forest at its finest…more and more and more…around SO many lakes. Reflecting – for twice the joy.

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