Anchorage - West Van shore
Anchorage - West Van shore
Anchorage - West Van shore
Anchorage - West Van shore

Anchorage - West Van shore #2

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SIZE: 16”x 20" / 40.6 x 50.8 cm

PRICE: unframed $600.00 CAN
framed price $720.00

The views from the North Shore of English bay, the bridges and freighters provide an endless opportunity for inspiration. I am so fortunate to have grown up here, and know the backroads and secluded access spots.

"Anchorage - West Van shore #2 "
began as a small plein air study on a sunny afternoon. I finished the acrylic on board 8x10, and took lots of reference photos of the rocks, driftwood and reflections.

I specifically wanted to show the tip of that bluff that is Point Grey in the gap before the distant sea. My favorite detail is the delicate moss on the massive granite boulders. The tumble of sunbleached logs and bright ship tell the story of local tides and global seas

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