"Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"
"Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"
"Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"
"Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"

"Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"

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SOLD     ORIGINAL - Acrylic on board
SIZE: 6” x 6” / 15.25 x 15.25 cm

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DESCRIPTION "Mauve Sky – Teal Valley"  Mt Tree series
Sunny bluffs and young firs stand tall against the steep mountain slopes and stone bluffs. Sunlit snowfields and distant forest color peek between a stand of towering old growth firs.
Green upon green, upon green…receding.

FRAMED MINI collection
Each 6x6 inch MINI painting is an original acrylic.
Mounted in a deep, front loading satin black frame, it can stand alone on a shelf or ledge, or hang on the wall.
Frame measures 7 5/8in x 7 5/8in x 2 1/8in deep

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