Place Royale – old Quebec city

Place Royale – old Quebec city

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The ramparts and steep stone walls rise up from the back of shops and buildings on the lower level of the old town. Sounds of boat traffic and car traffic and thousands of visitors walking the narrow streets and stairs. Looming over all is the outline of the Chateau Laurier. Through narrow corridors of tiny winding streets you can see all the upper view and lower.

I went out very early to find a really good spot and happened upon a tiny alley that was a private dead end – nice and quiet. I started at 6:30 AM and by 7:30 realized that this was also a favorite stop for the tour guides. After about six groups gathered near me sharing in various languages the history old Quebec, I also realized that the cruise ships had arrived. Lots of nice compliments, and group photos and I was even described as a cultural landmark – working plein air like the Group of Seven.

So much for my quiet morning. This is one of my favorite pieces from the city. As I painted early – so did a busy workman - adding red paint to the old doors & shop fronts. He also came over to see my work – and we shared a good laugh.

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