Brady Beach - fog clouds
Brady Beach - fog clouds
Brady Beach - fog clouds
Brady Beach - fog clouds
Brady Beach - fog clouds

Brady Beach - fog clouds

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SIZE: 16”x 16” / 40.6 x 40.6 cm 

PRICE: unframed $700.00 CAN


"Brady Beach - Fog clouds"  West Bamfield
painted plein air

The west coast of Vancouver Island and especially Barclay Sound is notorious for the fog and chill weather that can roll in so fast - you  look up and realize the skyline and horizon are suddenly one. A couple of spectacular days spent painting here on Brady Beach - but the low lilac tinted bank of fog was just hovering beyond this inlet.
I lugged in several larger canvas and this 16x16 was my first view of the "stacks" and rugged black shore stone at low tide.
These unusual towers of granite, windblown trees, salal & seen at low tide, I love the bands of color around the exposed shoreline.

Pockets of pool reflections and golden seaweed, where in a couple of hours there were crashing waves covering the shallows.

I chose to leave the bottom right corner unpainted - only the scribble of rocks from my initial sketch.

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