PLEIN AIR Sunshine Coast

There are some great painting locations with easy access on the Sunshine Coast –  from Langdale to Earl’s Cove (Southern coast) and Saltery Bay to Lund (Northern Coast)

If you are coming to visit the Sunshine Coast contact me and join in informal PAINT OUTS – working on location in great settings on the lower Sunshine Coast of BC. (Not Queensland Aus) It usually depends on the weather how many other artists participate.

A “paint out”  is simply an opportunity for like-minded artists to gather, sketch, paint on location and hang out together. No instruction is provided. You can work near each other and chat – or on your own and just connect if you feel inclined. It is nice to gather at the day’s end, eat lunch or enjoy a cafe, compare notes and review the collective results.

A Paint Out is not a public event – but there may be curious passerbys. Artists are not there to “teach”. We expect folks to have a look, but please ask the artist if they are OK with questions or an long term audience. Some artists don’t like to talk & paint – we do this to get away things.  If the weather is crappy we head for cover or go for coffee.

A Paint Out is NOT an opportunity to set up shop and flog your previous paintings. It is not a craft fair booth or public sales venue. It would be appropriate to carry a small finished painting to show people what your process/outcome will resemble – but bring your business cards for interested buyers.

in small quantities and comfortable carry bag
Knapsack for box, brushes, water, stool & tripod, snacks sunscreen etc.

small sketchbook & pencil
Paints (in tube or on palette)
Medium, thinners (or extra water)
Brushes and supports (board, canvas, paper etc)
paper towel, water container, spray bottle, etc

folding stool, pad or towel for seating
lightweight easel, tripod, pochade box, etc
umbrella with clamp (Best Brella) optional

Extra warm layer & wind jacket. Sturdy warm shoes
Hat,  sunscreen, bug spray
Glasses. sunglasses, camera! extra batteries
snack bar & water bottle/thermos, lunch.
business cards


All of these locations have public parking and washroom 

Gibsons Landing Seawalk: From Armours Beach to the Marina. Colorful working wharf, islands & mountains views :: Access: Easy

Chaster Beach: Open stone beach and creek, old cottages and large forest :: Access: Easy

Roberts Creek Beach: Natural logs, rocks and forest backdrop :: Access: Easy

Sechelt/Snickett Park: Great rocks, surf and open shoreline :: Access: Easy

Madiera Park: Vintage boats and Pender Harbour views :: Access: Easy

Garden Bay/Irvines Landing: Marina, rugged rocky shoreline & arbutus :: Access: Easy

Pender Hill: Spectacular overlook of Pender Harbour to Van Island :: Access: Hiking Required (steep but short)

Francis Peninsula: Open shoreline of sloping mossy rock, arbutus, twisted conifers and island views :: Access: Hiking Required (some challenging rocky bits – slippery when wet)

Smugglers Cove: Sheltered woodland, ponds and fabulous rugged shoreline, with hidden inlets and Arbutus trees :: Access: Hiking Required (uneven but well used trails) The woodland/marsh is not far and easy to access from the parking.


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