Productive procrastination...

Productive procrastination...

I can always find something to do in the studio. Tint canvas, mix paint, finish that last plein air start. Lots of "productive" stuff that instantly makes me feel like I am fulfilling my creative agenda.

HOWEVER - I know I should be doing my Blog, taking photos, writing descriptions, posting timely information...always another tech task to manage. Especially with the fresh launch of the website and upcoming collection release. It is a dilemma.

As a working artist - I am a small business. There are lots of non-painting tasks involved. Advertising, marketing, emails, learning, paying bills and creating invoices, writing newsletters and maintaining the website.
I am a hostage of my own making. Literally.

I make something out of nothing - and then am tied to it.
Physically, emotionally and financially = storage, doubt, framing & sales. It is a fragile and wobbly commitment.

Today I went into paint mixing mode - preparing to make a huge batch of fresh color for a series of sunset and dawn paintings that have been percolating in my head, and popped out onto my sketchbook at 3 am.

Thankfully  - I got back to sleep, did my morning Tai Chi, had my coffee...and pulled back on the reins BEFORE cracking those tubes open. I sat down and forced myself to review THE LIST.

THE LIST is kind of a vague schedule/priority/wish list.
In my saner (not 3:am) moments - I write out a loose calendar of my STUDIO objectives, plans & definite scheduled obligations for the coming weeks.

It really helps to have it on my I always have it with me.
My reality check - that helps me stay on task and ACTUALLY be far more productive and satisfied with my discipline, with measurable achievements that make sense.

If I had mixed that paint - it would have dried out BEFORE I could manage to make the time to do all those great paintings.
Creatively - the paintings are still in my head and in the sketchbook - but on the back burner.

They can wait till I finish the wonderful stuff that I came up with 6 weeks ago ;-))

That's pretty much my business plan.