Online LEARNING: coming soon to a screen near you

Online LEARNING: coming soon to a screen near you

Online LEARNING  videos/online mentoring
my adventures in studio Tech for teaching.

I spent a couple of months in 2020 researching, registering, taking and investigating other art instruction and online learning offerings. As my new website came into reality I made sure that it could be scaled up with levels of function to provide future ONLINE LEARNING. The website is done – but the online learning kind of took a back seat and I didn’t think I would still be forced to pursue it well into 2022 – but Covid has other plans for us.

So the studio will soon become ‘camera ready” with a set up for closeup hands-on demos, and a stand for my tablet with big talking head ;-) to make sure there is a face (without a mask) and a voice to laugh and chat with. All supported with calendar scheduling and an exclusive shared “cloud” folder for each students work and class documents, and informal ZOOM gatherings with other students.

I will be offering FOUR levels of learning:

  • free studio tips and techniques | most of these are also on INSTAGRAM
  • short videos of painting techniques | free to subscribers (email sign up) 3-5 min
  • long video lessons | singles or 4 pack pricing for subscribers | 15-20 min pre-recorded lessons
  • Exclusive LIVE lessons and Mentoring sessions | 2-3 hr LIVE + document and email support. Calendar booking.

I will offer monthly informal ZOOM STUDIO sessions for my students/subscribers to join in - probably x6 participants to provide a personal “room” feel. Start with a few minutes demo on my current painting and then open up for questions and discussion. Perhaps with a topic for each week…inspiration, working from photos, from small to large, plein air challenges…

For experienced painters and advanced students – I hope to provide MASTER level mentoring. Review of your work, with discussion of strong or weak aspects, challenges and next steps. Business, gallery, printing and commercial advice is helpful too – and I have MANY years of client & creative experience I am willing to share.

let me know if you have experienced online learning – what works and doesn’t – and why!
and if there is any specific topics you would like me to address in my online offerings.
ie: Color mixing, using mediums in Acrylic, preparing canvas…

stay curious and present
Happy painting – Jan

contact me for LEARNING info