your REAL job ? Artist.

Recently had a painting trip to CA. Met SO many talented artists during my stay – illustrators, designers and instructors making a creative living. Also lots of folks doing their art for the joy of it. Not the income. Some of us wear many hats to make it work.

As a professional artist/illustrator this story hits home for me. Michael Obermeyer was the excellent instructor at a workshop I attended in Laguna Beach CA. This is an article about his creative journey.

I will briefly share a couple of my own “work” stories. 
IGA Deli. Small home town. Single Mother.
With a house I was trying to finish building.

A lady who admired my paintings stood across the Deli counter from me and said “what are YOU doing working HERE?”

“Paying the mortgage” I replied.
I then asked her in return ” When was the last time you purchased an original painting ?”

I actually had a customer call me at my “real” job at the local Nursery – to ask for a discount on my painting hanging in a gallery. Seriously????? How ironic.

Support your local artists. With sales and in spirit.
We all need respect for our skills and a living wage.

and the next time you are tempted to inquire of an artist
“how long did that take you?”
remember your electrician, plumber and physio charges $90 hr.
and all the skills of a lifetime of practice made it possible.



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