Yodel if you wanna. Leavenworth.

I’ve never been to Germany – so I can’t tell you if it is a true replication of the decorative facades, tole-painted embellishment, building styles or atmosphere of a true alpine village…and I wasn’t expecting great things. but I actually enjoyed the Uber-kitch. Complete with polka music and lederhosen –  the little town of Leavenworth Washington has rocked this scene. The streets were packed, restaurants filled and a line up at the Starbucks (with a hand painted sign) Even the MacDonalds has a german style arch. good for them. Maybe it was the fabulous floral displays that tipped the scale for me.

 Why there is an Australian clothing/momento shop there though?…I am not too sure. Everyone trying to get into the action I suppose.

We paid to park and Brian went seeking the creek bed trail for some birding – and I found a good corner view with a bench. I will be painting in the colors soon…but this is my Moleskine from the mornings break. Gassed up – with coffee & fuel…we headed back through the mountains for home.




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