What I wouldn’t give…


I hate doing the dishes. It feels like I just cleaned up – and there they are again. Taking time away from my creative pursuits. For years I have been trying to come to terms with it.
How it feels like wasted time. Time that I have to spend…over and over and over again.

I have tried to step up to it with what I call it my “domestic mantra”.
Get er done – and it will make me feel better to get on with the things I love to do.
Not really working. Hasn’t got my heart behind it.

So I am watching a really old movie (1950 “Caged”) that takes place in a women’s prison.
The oldest inmate, having served several terms as a repeat offender is trying to persuade a younger woman to go straight after she is released. At the end of her dialog she wearily says

“what I wouldn’t give for a sink full of dishes”

SO that is my new domestic mantra.

Imagine if you lost your home. Your health. Or your freedom.

How grateful I am to be standing, bending, scrubbing – over and over and over.
Safe and well in my own home. I can put my heart into that.


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