VanDusen OPUS plein air

Although there were plenty of late blooming cherry blossom trees to see on our travels through the city this weekend – they were not present in VanDusen. I did have a wonderful early wander through the gardens watching the vendors and displays go up for the weekend Japanese cultural event. Young maples, rhodos and azeleas glowoing against the dark forest. This would have been my site of choice…but we stayed near the main buildings and worked near the lake.

gong pano lores

The weather goddess blessed us with the most amazing day of sun, after dire weather forecasts so we were fortunate indeed. About 18 artists arrived to work plein air painting & sketching from 10:30 – 1:30. I chose a location with a view of the walking bridge platform, forest & colorful tree reflections – and it became more “populated” with geese and a wonderful Kimono man passing through as the morning progressed. The fabulous drums at the festival could be heard and the Gunnera (large green foliage ahead of my canvas) was a big hit with all the walking visitors as they could go right up and touch it (very prickly) and we shared lots of chat about this Rhubarb relative on Steroids ;-)

bridge pano lores

Here is my final result – “Kimono Bridge – VanDusen”
12 x 24 acrylic on canvas

kimono Brg lores

The frustrating part of working so quickly on location, and the demanding turnaround time to deliver for jurying – is that you don’t get to wander and see what the other artists are working on. The best part of these gatherings is the opportunity to meet up with my “tribe”, meet and greet fellow artists and new students. What a wonderful day.

Thank you to Alfonso Tejada, Opus and our VCBF volunteer for their energy and support.
and I look forward to my Demo and painting workshop NEXT Saturday 10am – 2:30 pm
at VanDusen.



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