Tour to Haida Gwaii – for artists

Tour to Haida Gwaii call for interest Summer 2012

If you have ever dreamed of getting to Haida Gwaii – lets make it happen!

I made some great contacts and checked out lots of options for accomodation, restaurants and tours while I was there for my artist-in-residence this past July. I can’t wait to get back there and paint…and would love to work out a way to have some other painters (and partner or friend) share in the experience.

  • Locations and activities to cater for painters
  • Accomodation with a studio space to utilize while in Haida Gwaii
  • group activities and optional tours and excursions
  • Shipping of materials and supplies up – paintings home.

Probably June or July for about 7-9 days depending on the costing.
I am fine tuning the details with Tours of Exploration and space will be limited
SO this is your “call for interest”

Let’s do it!  Contact me


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