To Price – or not to Price.

That is the question.

Once you are working with a gallery or representative that dictate what the retail price will be  (after commissions and dealing with their preferred clients…) it is difficult to then list pricing for your paintings directly on your own website. I was directed to take down the pricing.

As I am no longer dealing with any galleries for the smaller originals and plein air panels…I am making them available for sale through the website. I will be listing prices on the paintings marked as “NEW” in their little thumbnail rollover captions. I have set up a payment page where you can use your credit card or Paypal account for really convenient and secure purchase.
Please note: framing/shipping is not included in this price.

I try to keep the website updated – so that the paintings available or sold are listed accordingly.
I try to keep the listings up to date – but apologise if something of interest is no longer available

If you have  any questions regarding the price of an original – or whether I could do something similar  (ie: a different size, format or content ) please contact me. There is no obligation to purchase – and I am happy to talk to you about ideas that will meet your needs.


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