The LONGVIEW GPAG Nov 10-Dec 4

An Aspect – A Format – A way of thinking

I like wordplay. and the fact that the word Longview has so many applications was a bonus for me. And all of them seemed to fit the theme of this recent collection of work.
I like to imagine I am passing through the landscape – and I glance over to see the depth of space between the trees. I am excited to share the spectacular variety of BC landscape and this feeling with my viewers.

As I find time in the next few weeks (after finishing the painting, framing & hanging) I will be posting the images of the new paintings here. The large paintings are all in an extreme horizontal format – another feature of the LONGVIEW.

lets start with the biggest – and feature piece on my invitation. This facination with the colorful waters of Kalamalka Lake was the result of my Vernon Artist in Residence back in 2015. I did many sketches and small watercolor studies of this dramatic lake. The golden Okanagan hills and the still reflections were SO different from our green rainforest & Salish Sea.

“Kal Lake Blues #4”  Kalamalka Lake       acrylic on canvas 36″x 120″ Diptych 

“First Sage #2 “  near Princeton       acrylic on canvas    36″x 120″ Diptych

then the newest work – part of an ongoing Mountain series that I am very excited about. Like much of the BC mountain and even the West Coast views – they are very monochromatic – but I am reaching for surface interest with pale washes, random drips and tonal blends…almost like an ink painting. There will be some serious inspiration finding journeys happening this winter! In the truck, on snowshoes and skis – chasing the sun, the light and the wisp of clouds. This is from a spot on the Duffy Lake road – out the back of Pemberton – north of Whistler.

“Mountain Study – Pemberton #1”      acrylic on canvas 18×60 inches  SOLD


There is a place on the Sea to Sky highway where you round the bend and this breathtaking panorama of peaks hits you. I have found my place to pull off the road and spend some time. The valley this day was full of moving mist, the majestic trees retreat in pale washes and the steep, rugged stone tilts in staggering heights. I love that the name of the range is Tantalus. Tantalizing. Something just out of reach.


“Mountain Study – Tantalus #2”      acrylic on canvas 18×60 inches

As part of this exhibition I am offering custom orders on the Howe Sound Sunset GICLEE reproduction below. From 18″ high to 48″ high – this colorful archival print on canvas will put you on the edge of the shore watching the changing light on the water.
Contact me for pricing on the size that fits your space.

“Howe Sound Sunset
 #1 ”   Original Triptych 24″ x 54″ SOLD  Giclee available


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