Spring into Snow – St Paddy’s day

How fortunate we are here on the Sunshine Coast. To be out skiing in the morning and weeding the garden in a T-shirt in the afternoon. And doing some sunny snow plein air.


I usually travel with my heated mitts (can’t stand cold fingers) but today I actually didn’t need them. I have added a small sitting cushion (chopped up kneeling pad) the same size as my long 6×2 watercolor pad. They both fit into my giant fanny pack (adding some cushioning for the occasional fall on the trail ;-) I keep my smartphone/camera in a chest pocket – not only to avoid smashing or dropping – but the touchscreen camera works better when it is warm.

2skiSnow_DkRdgThe little painting kit is a KOI set of 12 and comes with a great squeeze brush – so no need to carry water. I also just got some great snowshoes – so I would be more comfortable carrying a small day pack with larger boards or paper and getting into better locations than on my cross-country skis.

I started the session with a white gel pen in my new little (3.5 x 5.5 horizontal) black paper Moleskine! (bought in Sardinia Italy) I knew I would find use for it…but I certainly wasn’t thinking of snow back then! I will add some color with my gouache watercolor paints.

I was well off the trail in the lovely unblemished sparkley snow. You can see my ski tips…as I had to sit with them on as the snow was about 5′ deep.



As I am always telling my students…
You won’t do any sketching if you don’t have your stuff with you.
Go for it.


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