Spring has Sprung_damn the grass.

Oh the mowing madness. Not at MY house – as we have now got rid of ALL the lawn, ruffage and leftover bits that used to demand the weekly chopping. But I still have to listen to all the neighbors mowing their damned lawns anyway. My consolation is to go out in the rain or very early morning – and wander my new shade garden. The greenery this year is SO lush – it boggles the mind. And so-far-so-good the slimy slugs & greedy hoofed gobblers have avoided me this year. So I shall share a snippet of my decadent green therapy with you.

I have to admit – there is audio payback for my neighbors occasionally – I go out and throw rocks in the metal wheelbarrow at 6 am on a weekend. Some satisfaction to be gleaned from that.


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