Sketch myself into the place.

just joined the

check out their great collection of sketches from locations all over the world.

so you see – I am not the only mad person running about with my paper and pencil :-)


<a href=””><img width=”100″ alt=”Urban Sketchers network” src=””></a> <div>I’m an urban sketcher</div>

ClearLake_hwy12 lores
Calm reflection. CLEAR LAKE Wash.Mt St Helen_lores
the devastation & regrowth – Mt. ST. HELENS (volcano) Washington. slide_red rocks
SNOW CANYON Utah. one of the most spectacular places. This was 100 ft from our campsite.IMG_0073
Oak Canyon residence  –  SEDONA Arizona (mittens, long underwear & thermal socks) it snowed.IMG_0002 art blog_-20Phoenix botanial garden 01.29.20126x14  moleskin WC - Dawn/Sierrasita Mts. Tubac
Campsite at TUBAC Arizonaart blog_-17 art blog_-3 3x5 moleskin-pitt ink brush pen & watercolor

Roadtrip - Portland to the CA coast

Roadtrip – Portland to the CA coast


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