Quick Draw – Hood River downtown

4-6pm Thursday afternoon.
25 artists met up at the Columbia Arts Center to set out at 4pm painting around the downtown area. I had already done my reconnaisance and chosen a spot up above the main streets with several of the old buildings and especiallly the orange tractors at Sheppard’s Orchard supply. Not one pedestrian in 2 hours…lots of comments from the drivers at the intersection though. All good.
here is some progress shots.  12 x 24 canvas and lots of structural details .


Just when you are ready to finish all the final details – the tanker truck arrives. And my blue pick-up on the left had departed…lucky I got that done early on. I never did see the parking meter again behind the parked cars.
Yes – I left a business card for the Sheppard’s store. I found out later that they will be moving from their heritage buildings to an industrial site near the river – so they would appreciate this momemto.


QD x3 prog
top – Tinted ground with rough layout in paint line
center – lights laid in
bottom – finished piece. 2 hours later.


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