Paint Out – Gibsons Day 2

Cant’ believe this fine weather ! Just spectacular…sunny with a fresh breeze off the water. 45 sun block – so no worries there. And for 6 hours in the sun again –  I dragged out the BIG hat – loose and cool it is like carrying an umbrella around. Chin strap for those windy gusts on the dock.

Thanks to the ladies up at the Visitor Info Center – for their ongoing  support and enthusiasm. Busy with some rough sketches at the meet up spot till I headed back down to the dock at 10:30. Not the big fishing and tug boats this morning – but the other side of the harbour. Some small dinghys, a sturdy beachcomber salvage boat and views back up the hill to yellow Molly’s and blue Smitty’s (Oyster House – Great facade used to be a Marina right next to the stairs at the wharf.

8″ x 10″ Acrylic on panel   “the Blue Rope”

Not the most spectacular of subjects – but the shadows and color on the water were great.
Still a bit of tweaking with values on this one – felt a bit washed out once I got it home. Sometimes working on location the light of the day makes the color seem more saturated. The black liner of my umbrella (Best Brella) helps but it always looks different inside.

And after a peaceful solo start it turned into a bit of a dock party – all the adjacent boat owners showing up, working, cleaning, packing stuff in and out. Lots of laughter and some great insight to the history of the old wooden boat whose shade I was enjoying. My friend Margaret called to find me and brought her watercolor paper and some soluble pens and pencils to play with, and local writer/photographer Vene Parnell dropped by and took our photo.

Headed up to the 2:00 meetup and one of my students was there with family visitors to see what I had been up to so we had an impromptu showing on the bench & walls. Lots of interest from visitors and tourists. One lady brought her little granddaughter and after ice cream she insisted on coming back to “see the painting lady”. Always fun – and I love talking to children about the objects/subject in the view. It starts early – learning how to see.

I decided I had my fill of boats so I headed across the 5 way intersection to check out the lovely floral plantings and shop fronts. A little secluded, off the sidewalk nook next to the old Persphone (the salvage boat the belonged to Nick on the Beachcombers) served my purpose very well. I am going to call this one “Street level” as the viewpoint from below the sidewalk did give a whole new perspective on the location.

8″ x 10″ Acrylic on panel   “Street Level – striped stairs”


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