On the road – and off the hook.

It has been a devastating and exhausting year.
The studio, the gallery and garden a mess… a loss of focus and energy.
Grief is a complex and mysterious thing. 
It brings us together and tears us apart.

I am still standing. But obviously my online presence has taken a back seat…
or better described as in “the trunk”.

No newsletters, no updates, no travel blog or courses offered.
The recognition or validation offered by comments, friends, likes and replies.
It just feels SO unimportant.

Without sad elaboration – I am taking a sabbatical.
Not from my creative output…I am actually feeling quite inspired,
but from the desire and obligation to “post” my latest efforts & accomplishments

I am still standing…but standing STILL.

Letting the world wash over me – with its beauty and ethereal wonder.
Day by Day. Hour by Hour. Minute by Minute.
Without the desire to”share”.

I will be on a wonderful journey soon to places yet unseen (by me)
and will be sketching, painting, writing and wandering. 
With and without intention.
With curiosity and wonder as my guide. 

And standing still. Giving the world time to catch up with me.
Seeing with fresh eyes. 

I might “share” when I return. 
and post a travel journal of places and experiences later in the year.
But I want to enjoy my journey without the burden of worrying about the next wi-fi connection, the size of my videos or if the images are uploading in sequence.
Or feeling obliged to spend my priceless time “posting” instead of seeing. or napping.

So…I am on the road and off the hook.
and will see you later. Maybe.


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