Oil on panel

I stopped using Oil paints several years ago – and have been working exclusively in Acrylic since then. There wasn’t much that I missed – as I like to work quickly in glazes and layers, with underpainting and textural elements – so the fast drying attributes of acrylic has worked really well for my purposes.

While painting on location in Arizona last spring it became quite obvious that the benefit of quick drying was a real problem. So I decided to put together another kit of oil for some small plein air work – hopefully more desert paintings for the next roadtrip. These small 6″x8″ studies are the beginning of my practice run.
So far so good.

The most obvious benefit of oil is the fact the color is the color. No darkening as it dries.
I hadn’t realized how much I was compensating in my color mixing, and perhaps losing those lovely subtle complex greyed tones – by trying to mix lighter.

The really obnoxious  thing is that the panels will not be dry immediately – for transport, packing, storage and travel. So – I spent this morning  researching Wet Panel Carriers – and created my own design from sandwiched layers of varying thickness of foamcore.

I will post an How-to explanation IF they are successful.


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