Nov 21 – LANZAROTE Spain

21 NOV  Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Spain

My favorite thing. To explore and discover a totally new place. Down roads and over hills never travelled (by me) before. Sketching, painting…taking the time to sit and absorb the place.

I landed in Lanzarote with a mission…to get out to the Manrique Cactus Garden and back to the ship in time. I was terrified of arriving late and watching as the Queen Victoria sailed away.

Well I managed a wonderful morning of sunny painting and enjoyed an add-on tour of the North Island with my taxi driver Francisco – with no English and my limited Spanish we still enjoyed a lively conversation. He was so proud to show me his home.

2015-11-21 19.56.52

This unique environment , snowy white villages in palm grove valleys, stony walled vinyards, and dark volcanic bluffs. He took the best roads for views slowing to let me take photos from the car. And back to the ship in plenty of time for a nap before departure. My students and fellow passengers were full of destination advice and travel info…but I had my perfect day.

Manrique Cactus Garden

04_Lanzarote (0)


.04_Lanzarote (1)

The bluff and outlook on the NE side of the Island04_Lanzarote (2)

04_Lanzarote (3)

Palm Grove and black volcanic hills04_Lanzarote (4)

The farms, vinyards and agricultural plots are close walled with the black volcanic stone. Holds the water in and keeps the wind out.04_Lanzarote (5)

04_Lanzarote (7)

A family villa atop a the hill with lands and crops in all directions.

04_Lanzarote (8)

Terraced hills and fields and the white village houses of Lanzarote.04_Lanzarote (9)

04_Lanzarote (10)

At each intersection/roundabout throughout the island there is a Manrique sculpture. His influence is everywhere from the white architecture to this contemporary public art.

04_Lanzarote (11)


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