Northern bound. CA sun

Fairfield CA (Napa) to Grants Pass Oregon

Driving weather was fabulous – sunny and quiet on the highways being a Sunday. Not so many trucks I think. We were making such good time that I stopped in at the roadside Sacramento Wildlife refuge  for Brian to take time out for some birding and me do some sketching.
A HUGE wetland area with many ducks, geese and we even saw a gang of long billed curlews – having a break before they head up to the canadian north for the summer. Fabulous views of Mt Shasta – one of the chain of volcanic peaks throughout the northwest. (Baker, Mt Ranier, St Helen, Mt Hood, Shasta, Adams…) nice to see the green and dense forests again – just like home. Time is the southwest was great – but it is a desperately dry and harsh environment.

Rolled into Grants Pass and has an interesting time – trying to remember our first journey through here…it all looked quite different (malls and fast food) but finally found the back road to Rogue River – and now waiting for our gourmet breakfast at Weasku Inn. (yes – as it sounds…We-Ask-U Inn ;-) Stayed in Clark Gable’s old room – seems he was an avid fisherman and that’s what it is famous for here. Great spot – timber log lodge and cabins, riverstone fireplaces and rustic decor – built back in the 1920’s. Picture of Clark on the bedside table…he was pretty darn dreamy. Oh and Brian was there too of course…Hee hee.

Had a fine dinner at the lovely Taprock Northwest Grill – another fabulous new timber structure with great sculptures and original paintings throughout. So Grants Pass did live up to our expectations after all.

Skipping Portland – just heading for home. Once I am turned around and heading back – its like “the holiday’s over” so we decided to just get-her-done and head for home sooner.

Still amazing to me that all these things are only a drive away. A long drive…with gas – hotels – camping – restaurants – cooking – laundry….but really just get on the road and there will be new places unfold before you.
We are seriously considering an RV. No packing or checking in, shop and cook your own food and choose where you want to be. I like the idea of a travelling studio ;-) so until the next time – Roadtrip Jan is signing off.


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