NORTH from Kelowna. ASHCROFT.

After spending so much time in Vernon last May (artist in residence at Mackie Lake House & show at VPAG) we kind of skipped up the Okanagan Valley without visiting – sorry about that. Some grizzly rain and thunder was following us so we just took advantage of gaps in the weather to stop and look around. Swan Lake nature reserve just north of Vernon is a great birding spot – while I tried to photograph a Kestral hunting in the wind, Brian was off to investigate what at first looked like Swans – but turned out to be White Pelicans on the edge of the lake.
A break from painting – but took some great photos on the road up to Cache Creek & Ashcroft. The hills and “benches” (rising land areas above the river below the mountains) are so green at present. Also not what I expected.


ARRIVAL in Ashcroft

We were generously hosted in a billet and enjoyed a spot on the very outside of town. My first painting arriving in Ashcroft  – was from the end of the driveway of our stay place.

02-crossing_onsite 03-2016-05-28 09.33.3004-StAlbans_onsite

Having noticed the goats at the farm (at the end of our road) on our exploring around town I was looking forward to sketching and painting them. It seemed though that the goats were clustered trying to avoid the chill. I had lots more interest in the black faced sheep.

04-2016-05-28 15.38.06 03-sheep_siteLores05-2016-05-28 15.50.24


Brian came out with the truck and found me – bringing along his new friend.
I dropped off my paintings about 4pm and we headed down to the exhibition & reception at 5 pm. Such a great display of fresh, original works – you could smell the oil paints and see the glistening wet paint. 
09-2016-05-29 17.56.48

My little corner of the show and 4 framed paintings from the 2 days.

08-2016-05-29 17.56.41


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