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I am in the process of updating my website with a “store” and fresh works feature.
Please forgive the out-of-date works and layout until then. It REALLY needs work.

Until the complete makeover – and with SO much stuff coming down the pipe over the coming months I thought it was best to have a quick UPCOMING link on the front page to see the short list of activities and exhibitions that I will be involved with.

Some listings will have a link to more info on my own BLOG or CLASSES pages…Some will have a direct link to the event websites or course registration. You are welcome to contact me if you have any other questions, want to attend or be involved.

The POYNTER STUDIO gallery here at home – is functioning but flexible at present.
With the new large works ( some dyptichs 3 ft  H x 10 ft W) I have to make use of the wall space for the preliminary layouts on canvas. There are some small plein air framed originals on display (from my recent trip to Ashcroft and the Okanagan) and always lots to poke through in the “unframed room”.

GALLERY HOURS are flexible: It is so easy for me to open the door for visitors
but please call first  604-886-8918
thank you.



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