new paintings ON DISPLAY

Some of my new paintings are up on display in the Gibsons Wellness Clinic for the next few weeks – as I am not planning any upcoming shows in my home gallery and these large pieces needed some large walls ;-)  Some small plein air paintings of Gibsons are also hanging.
The office of my wonderful massage therapist – this is a great way to get some feedback on the new works.

441 Marine Dr, Gibsons

waterfall series   “Homesite Creek #3″    18″x 60”    acrylic on canvas

waterfall series   “Homesite Creek #3″    36″x 48”    acrylic on linen

part of the Longview series from 2016
“Rocktide and Seafoam #2″ 
is a diptych – measuring  38″ x 60” overall.

Working in a place between traditional representational landscape and my fascination with dynamic Natural Patterns.  I hope to go much further with this direction – investigating mountain/snow, seafoam, canyon/drainage, rock, sand and cloud patterns. Pulling the viewer closer in to the surface patterns of a familiar landscape view.

ALL these works are for sale.  Visa/MC/Amex available.
contact me for more info.


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