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With the launch of my new Facebook business page – Jan Poynter ART
It allows me to schedule posts and track the traffic and activities on my site, taking my online “professional” presence to a new level – creating a division of my personal stuff from studio activities, events etc. I have put off creating this page (for the last 2 years) thinking it would mean one more task to address on my long list of promotional and marketing “to do’s”.
I realize now that it can actually help me work/post to my social media more efficiently and effectively.

new FB page banner

I will soon be connecting these BLOG posts to my new Facebook page as a live feed (this save me SO much time) and keeps the message consistent throughout my social media and website. So if you follow my Facebook page then you’ll get all these Blog updates.

During my upcoming Artist-in-Residence throughout MAY 2015 at Mackie Lake House I will be BLOG posting(daily I hope) to announce my paintings locations and creative activities. I hope you will enjoy this trail and story of my journeys and activities.

If you haven’t already… please LIKE – FOLLOW – SHARE  my business page. This creates a broader network of folks that might like or support my art practice with sales, promotion and students. Every little bits helps in this chase for a creative living wage.
Thankyou for your support!   Jan


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