Digital sketches on the fly

I have an addition to my creative tools now.
The phone in my pocket. Not only is it the best camera ever
but it is now a handy sketchbook for little studies.

There is a reason why I love my Samsung Note 4… the screen is huge and it comes with a great little stylus. I have a pre-set pallete of digital “crayons” and can scribble away on the spot. I don’t see why these wouldn’t count as plein air sketches, although the purists might disagree.

I created several grey toned jpgs, saved them as backgrounds and have a batch of them ready to go as a multi paged saved Note. I also saved some pre-set brushes.
Like a sketchbook with a choice of pages and values, dark/light pens and highlights.


although they only live in digital form inside my phone…I upload them to my Dropbox and save them in an image format – that could easily be printed. Next time I will “record” the drawing and you can watch my process in the playback.
WAY too much fun.


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