Happy Hour with friends

A great reception for the opening of our ” A Happy Hour” group exhibition…lots of familiar faces and some new ones. Plenty of messages and new stories of Happy Hours on the post-it note wall in the gallery. Lots of laughter and smiles as folks read the stories with each art piece. Thank you to our sponsors for the show – the Bland/Findlay dental group & family, all the staff and volunteers at the GPAG, and my friends Susan & Coralie for being such good fun and company over the years.

I included my small travel sketchbook in the display at the last minute – and visitors were most appreciative to see the variety of locations and subjects that I draw on location. no story needed – it kind of speaks for itself.

The show continues until Sept 26 at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery

thursday – monday 11:00 – 4:00


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