Haida Gwaii 2012 tour info

HAIDA GWAII –  ACTIVITIES & optional tours        POYNTER 2012

Studio Tours – AR Art Route  http://www.gohaidagwaii.ca/what-to-do/art-route-tour

Surf lessons in Masset / North Beach Surf shop
Crabbing/clam dig on beach
First Nations cultural excursions
Kayaking QC or Gwaii Haanas
West side of Haida Gwaii/ boat charter / float lodge
Fishing Charters / Sandspit (QC Safaris) or Masset (Alaska View lodge)
x4 boat charter with
Flight/boat  Ninstints/Rose Harbour/ Gwaii Haanas
Helicopter charters
Boat Charter/Hotsprings Island/Tanu
Sailboat tour/charter
Trout fishing
Hike/tours to Yakoun lake
Hike/tours to Tlell and the Pesuta Wreck

Birdwatching & the Delkatla tidal sanctuary (level walk) Masset

Due to space restrictions for transportation – canvas and board/panels are limited to maximum 24” x 30”.  Water based paints or Alkyd Oils only /odourless  thinners. Supplies can be ordered 30 days ahead.  Note: no toxic thinners will be allowed in your checked luggage, paint or liquids in your carry on baggage. Larger paintings will be shipped or transported back to the Sunshine Coast for a minimal fee.

A common space with water/washroom will be provided at the Hecate Inn to use as
a studio space. The key will be available for all participants day/evening.
Laundry/dryer will also be available in this common space.

All QC rooms will have kitchen facilities & internet (cable) in the room.

AVL Chalets will have a shared bath & kitchen and are not high tech – but they are RIGHT ON THE BEACH !

MEALS  included in this price:

  • Day 1 introductory group dinner at the Sea Raven in QC.
  • Day tours with Off the Beaten Path  – lunch to be provided. Specify dietary preference.
  • Day 3 & 8 Coffee & snack for the group
  • Day 10  Final group dinner near Masset.

To keep the costs down and provide individual choices – participants will be responsible for their own groceries, beverages & meal preparation. At the two  North Beach chalets (day 7-8-9-10) group cooking can be shared for main meals.
Pack lunch & snacks are recommended for the painting days on site and bottled water will be provided.
Queen Charlotte village has a number of quality restaurants and cafes within easy walking distance of our lodgings. The Purple Onion deli makes a great packed lunch for pick up!

Up on the north coast (day 7-8-9-10) the Alaska View Lodge Chalets are quite isolated out on Tow Hill road – approx 20 min drive from Masset. There will be opportunity to shop for groceries while in town (day 7) and we will have an extra vehicle to do a run to town when required.

TOURS OF EXPLORATION  Contact: Catherine Evans/Francine Lucas
BC Reg #3401 1114 Cartwright Road  Gibsons, British Columbia, V0N 1V1
Tel: 1-800-690-7887 (604) 886-7300  Fax: (604) 886-7301 Email: [email protected]
Web site: www.toursexplore.com


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