GPAG – FIGURES on the COAST Feb7-Mar11

Well the people are not neccesarily from the coast – but all the paintings will have people in them.
From intimate portraits to sunny snapshots of urban activity.

I will list the size and title beneath each image.  Only 3 will be for sale

and I hope that you can make it to join all the artists at the reception Saturday Feb 9    4pm-7pm

“Object + Association = Keepsake.          ” the Blue Couch – Aileen”
24″ x 36″  Acrylic on Canvas  NFS

detail of “Aileen”    my lovely daughter.

“Valerie ”   my lovely neice.          30″ x 30″  Acrylic on Canvas   NFS

“Fiddle & Pipe – buskers #2″       30″ x 30”  Acrylic on Canvas

detail from “Fiddle & Pipe”  I was drawn to his calm and relaxed manner and physical contrast to his long thin sidekick .

“Yellow Umbrella – Cafe #2″       16″ x 20”  Acrylic on Canvas

“Berry Pickers #2″            16″ x 20”  Acrylic on Canvas    NFS

“Green Parasol ”            16″ x 20″  Acrylic on Canvas    NFS

“Thursday News – SMA Mexico”     24″ x 36″  Acrylic on Canvas

“Swing – old Montreal ”     24″ x 36″  Acrylic on Canvas

Portrait of a shawl. My friend Laura Blackmore who left this life a couple of years ago. This portrait was done as a collaboration – Laura knitted the mohair shawl – and posed for this painting.   30″ x 30″ Oil on canvas


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