Gibsons paint out – day 1

Set up the meeting “tent” at the information center about 10:30 – under the watchful eye of our founding father George Gibson. (a lovely life size bronze by late artist Jack Harmon) and enjoyed the wonderful breeze and sunshine. I worked up 2 large 16×20 panels throughout the day, switching between the two as they dried. One close up view across the street to Molly’s iconic facade (the bikers arrived later) and one looking down the dock across the harbour buildings and gazebo to the point, with Keats beyond.

thanks to the staff at the information center and Gibsons Public Art Gallery (GPAG) for their support.

Just me painting so far – but a great chance to put in some serious hours on location. some students,  friends and travelling visitors stopping to say hello, and our local mayor hollering at me from his car a few times this morning. Always great to see the local government enthusiastic about the arts ;-) It was a cultural mecca in Lower this morning – with live music (busker top left corner of the photo below) and art on the street.

I am loving the new easel, although it is heavy with all the gear in it, it is great for these larger panels. After packing up for the day I arrived at home to a delivery notice on the door handle. Racing to the post office in the closing minutes I picked up my new umbrella. That was VERY exciting. (I know I need to get out more…)  Hard to explain what it means to have a great piece of shade or cover to attach to your painting set up. It makes you so much more independant regardless of the weather conditions. And painting plein air is all about the weather. I look forward to setting up down on the dock tomorrow and testing it under hot and perhaps breezy conditions.

Oh and we had a little quake today – 6.4 off Vancouver Island near Port Hardy. I was standing working and chatting to my friend Mackenzie sitting on the park bench. She said ” ohh…thats strange – it feels like someone is shaking the bench.” We thought it was just the breeze moving the canopy/posts. I didn’t feel a thing. A tourist told me about an hour later when she asked me “should we be worried about a tsunami ? we wanted to to go to the beach.”
Mother nature letting off steam.

Smaller panels and boats tommorrow. Lots of boats.


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