FACEBOOK privacy issues

Rather than boycott Facebook I would like to share the information to help users secure their privacy. Facebook is a great free service to help us all connect, but they do hide the info sharing options deeply embedded on your page.

Go up to the ACCOUNT link at top right >PRIVACY settings
>Applications & Websites
>bottom of the list INSTANT personalization Pilot Program.
>UNCHECK the default Box. Done

I would also recommend that users go back one step to Apps & Websites
> Go to What your friends can share about you
(like taggin you in a photo…) and
>UNCHECK the ones you do NOT want shared.

If that does not give you satisfaction … then certainly opt out as a boycott statement.
there are other ways to connect…like email…real letters…even the good old telephone.

and remember – YOU are the one putting your infomation “out there”
for whatever validation you are seeking…
so be careful what you wish for.


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