Dr. SunYat Sen gardens – Chinatown Vancouver

On sunday morning after the sketchcrawl saturday

I stayed the night in Strathcona at my daughter’s place, made my way slowly in the early morning through Chinatown. All the vendors putting out their streefront displays of colorful fruit and veg, early shoppers and primly dressed ladies on their way to worship.

Sun Yat Sen gardens are like a little sublime retreat in the middle of the city. The only noise was from the soccer pitch across the street – and all that yelling in Italian just added to the removal from the everyday.

I will be posting a few sketches made (the rest from photos) to plan for a painting for submission to their winter exhibition in the main hall of the gardens.


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One Response to “Dr. SunYat Sen gardens – Chinatown Vancouver”

  1. AeFondKis September 25, 2009 10:19 am #

    Hi Jan you have a lively sketching style that I like! It says Life matters to me! I am an artist from Scotland trying to escape the 9-5pm and be myself! Hope is eternal!

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