Leaving grey. leaving mist and island blues. A ferry ride and flight away from those coastal panoramas. You don’t realise until you are standing in a flat place that those coastal mountains surround you on all sides. Easy to look up and find your direction and place in the world.

Hours away East – going backward in time. Dawn lights a rural landscape so unlike my own. Flatness and rolling forest textured with stitches of color and warmth. Not the dark, shadowed backdrop of cedar and fir. Not the grey mist and lingering tints of distant mauve.

My brother lives in the rural farm area of St. Lazare a couple of bridges away from Montreal. The variety of deciduous trees is stunning. Cornfields and autumn harvest are well under way.

Pumpkin fields and fenced horse properties.

we are heading out tommorrow for Hudson – on the lakeshore for walking, banking and bakery. And hopefully this fine weather holds for some plein air in the afternoon.


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