Day ONE Limestone Canyon

What a start to a great trip. A day out with a gang of fellow painters, hanging on in the back of a truck, exploring the canyons and back country of Irvine Ranch Conservancy.
Such Fun. Thanks to talented painter –  Monica Edwards – for her volunteer efforts, support of Irvine Ranch Conservancy and a lovely afternoon together.  

6×8 “Loma Ridge – Limestone Canyon OAKS” Oil on panel

after the bright light on location I needed to heighten some of the foreground shadows and revise some of the repetitive shapes. I also added some lightness to the lower left sky and more “sage” coloration in the foreground and light grass. What attracted me to this composition was the rhythm of angles leading the trail up around the hills.


6×12 “Limestone Canyon – Irvine Ranch” Oil on panel
working for approx 40 min – the “red” rough in OIL on a tinted panel was completed on site.
The burnt sienna underpaint shows through slightly in the finished work. The challenge was to find the subtle depth of shadow in the receding cliffs and the creeping sunrise light on the ridge tops that attracted me to the initial scene. The variety of greens and layers of rock color in this rugged environment requires keen focus.

I worked on a couple of small watercolors back in the “studio” (my stay place) from the wonderful photos of my first sunset from on Balboa Island. Everywhere you look there is a US flag.

4×6 Watercolor w JW        “Fisher on the wall” Balboa Island.

4×6 Watercolor w JW      “red sails at sunset” Balboa Island.


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