Painting at Crystal Cove this morning. Fabulous beach, headland and old cottages. Bob Francis joined me and there is another gang of painters lurking out in the shade. (H2O painters… guessing it’s not oils) I will go and see what they’re up to after my late breakfast. Rode my bike down from Balboa Island this morning early. Not too hot. Amazing views and extensive bike paths. Love it.

Bob Francis working in site. There was a gang of high school students arrived and spread out around the site.


8×10 OIL on panel  “Crystal Cove  – cottages and bluff”
Finished in studio – the color of the green cottage was impossible with the palette that I had on site – and I wanted to replicate it as it reinforces the 50’s origin of the Crystal Cove cabins. I was most pleased with the tire tracks and bankside of the waterway. I brought forward stronger shadows and contrast to pull the foreground and the midground tree & houses out of my original blur.

6×12  Oil on tinted panel  “Crystal Cove – north view”
I realize looking at the photo that the painting was started as I was standing – with a higher perspective and the tide in…and photographed while sitting in the shade as the afternoon progressed. 


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