Day 3 Milan to LODI

One of the benefits of an “office” front for our AirBnB is that they will securely store your luggage coming/going. Such a bonus next to the train station – where we launched the next leg of our journey after a morning of touring the Brera gallery (So many Madonnas…)  Botanical Garden/observatory and creative Montenapoleone district. 

NOTE : the train station in Milan is a spectacle unto itself. Built by Mussolini it is a legacy of monolithic proportions. We spent an hour or so (with gelato) just walking the huge concourse and looking at the iconic structural details. The station has no definite architectural style, but is a blend of many different styles, especially Liberty and Art Deco, but not limited to those! It is adorned with numerous sculptures, mosaic floor and stylized lighting features – recalling the fascist symbols of Nazi germany – in contrast to the uber modern fashion adverts and shop fronts. An eyeful.


Part of our Italian journey to Milan included a sidebar to LODI (law-dee) to stay with a cousin of mine. Originally a Geordie (from Tyneside/Newcastle UK) on my Dad’s side, Christine Poynter has lived, worked and raised her family in Italy for many years. Fluent in Italian, she teaches English to students and corporate executives. It was our first meeting – and amazing to find someone with the same physical and gestural bits that run in our Poynter genes (yes there is red hair on both sides of my parents).

The internet has brought my distant family back together another generation after they immigrated from the UK to distant locations in Canada & Australia. What a treat it was to visit, chat and tour around with her and her beautiful daughters. We enjoyed a walk through LODI centro and a fabulous Italian dinner together at Osteria Giosana near Izano.

A lovely town. One of the first things I noticed walking the town center in Lodi was the women. On bicycles, on foot, in shops, in shorts with dogs and cell phones. And forever stylish in 5 inch heels (she was well over 65 BTW) all going on with their days at a very leisurely sociable pace.  Don’t ask me how they walk on those cobbled streets in those shoes!


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