Day 2 MILAN and the Metro

A great sleep was had after we closed the soundproof window on the street bars and cafes. 2:30 am mid week these guys are still partying. A lively city ALL night.

Fortunately the large supermarket Essalunga was open early (according to our jet lag) and on the way we discovered the very best bakery cafe. [42 Viale Piave next to the Sheraton Hotel] All locals…that IS a good sign – and a cheerful baker willing to explain all the wonderful goods on display. 
Apricot jam sound SO much better in italian!  marmellata di albicocche

The coffee? I never quite know how/what to order but it doesn’t matter. Even the strongest shot of espresso or a tiny machiato tastes amazing. without cream or sugar.

The Italians have an interesting coffee regime.
They walk in and order these small shots – and simply stand/pay at the counter and knock it back in a couple of swallows – and walk out. None of this lingering over the delicate foamy artworks or comfy couches and wifi. Just a quick bolt of caffine.

The stone walls and green spaces on boulevards were a shady respite 

street bike rental is everywhere – these orange bikes simply unlock with an app on your phone and they are parked everywhere around the city.

this was the fantastic building directly across from our stay place. Iron work and carved stone extravaganza.   

Brian and I agreed this motorcycle/Van/pop up shop would make a great street gallery for my paintings ;-)) 

Today we played tourist – and headed down into the Metro for a couple of easy stops to come up above ground right in the central Piazza Duomo di Milano.

One of the oldest and largest cathedrals in Europe. right alongside the oldest indoor shopping mall! Gotta love those stylish Italians.

Still early it wasn’t too full of people yet. 
But the line up was already starting. We got tickets around the corner and waited our turn to get a pat down through security. A sad fact of life in these times.


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