Day 13 MLH – early risers. The two B’s

day13_2 So I run down the lawn this morning to catch the best sun coming up across the lake…those reflections just make me quite wild. And instead it becomes all about the strange clouds in the dawn light – and the amazing reflections down towards me across the still water.

I am standing very still – actually filming a video of the ripples, and suddenly this great black thing appears in the view finder cutting through my lovely reflection.
What the H_ _ _ !

and there these two lovely beavers were just cruising on by, only about 10 feet from shore. Needless to say – I had my camera at the ready. They are usually quite shy creatures, but I suppose not used to having humans on the beach at 5:00 am they were not really noticing.

What a treat. My own Annie Dilliard “muskrat moment”.
(must read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek – my favorite book since the age of 16.)




My studio windows overlooking the newly opened Peonies.


View from my Studio…The Park Gate entrance on the North side of the house. Sovereign Park was also an old heritage estate now given over to Coldstream district as a public park. It shares the lakefront with our property.

day13_1        day13_4

From the Soveriegn Park side of the property there is another lower gate that come through the bottom of the lilac – now blooming rose – hedge. The scent of these wild roses wafts up the garden in the warm afternoon – and presents a very victorian romantic feel to this enticing pathway.



and it is full of bees.  ( the other “B’s” of the day)


Altogether another wonderful hour spent. Always worth getting up early. The showers and thunder are supposed to be coming later…Must paint. Paint. Paint.



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