Color Theory – Hue and Value


Refers to the actual relative color of a pigment ie: teal blue, violet blue and sky blue are different hues of Blue. Sometimes referred to as a “shade” ie: Leaves comes in various shades of green. (Ireland = 40 shades of green) If you squint at this row of various blue Hues – they will appear the same approximate Value (darkness/lightness) the color variation less visible.




Usually refers to a color appearing lighter or darker compared to another color.
Tinted colors(+white)  to darker tones (-white) have a range of value.
Tint refers to the amount of white in a color.
The more white a color has, the lighter, paler it appears.
NOTE *The addition of white does not change the hue of a color.
(ie: Ultramarine Blue mixed with white continues to be various values of blue/violet – never blue/green)