Burrard Cherry in progress

I have been trying to document my painting progress with photographs of the stages of my paintings in progress. Still trying to find a quality saving format for the videos…they seem to be very low resolution and not sharp images. Ahh the technology  – makes me gasp with wonder and makes me crazy in the next breath.

burrardCherry Comp

The stages of this painting:
Preliminary sketchup of the composition with careful rendering of the steps and light pole perspective. Lightly tinted & textured purpley/grey panel gives a “mauve” feel to the whole painting. Line work in watercolor crayon & graphite

Line work painted in thinned fluid acrylic purple/blue paint with rough value fills in purple & deep foliage greens. Establishing the brightest and darkest values helps me choose a midtone underpainting mixture. The brighter greyed pink tints are all derived from this color – adding more white and subtle pink shades to create the brightness. The choice of tints of pthalo-blue negative space highlights the pales pinks (as opposed to ultramarine blue).

A glaze of greyed magenta + medium provides an underpainting tone for the path, steps & light poles. The details of painted line and structure still show through the glaze.

Refining the structural details with dark glaze and filling the blossom canopy area with mid-tone greyed pink with some areas of darker fills. These nuetral colors help the subtle pinks and higher tints pop WITHOUT adding too much color or white yet.

Scraps of sky tint blue and the pinker color for the canopy. Redefining the light pole and tree structure & branching with some bloom IN FRONT of dark branches. Mid-tone dappled light to the path and steps, and deeper tones to the foliage. Pops of color for the figures & bikes.
LAST whitest pinks and warm white highlights to reinforce the structural elements.



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