Bucerius. November

When I get the opportunity – this is my favorite pastime. To sit for an hour or two in one spot and watch the day unfold. This sketch is called “Independance Day” as it was the preparation for the festivities on the holiday weekend. Where I sat on the shady boulevard the elementary school drum band (and strange horns) was practicing behind the wall of the school yard. They made up for the bad timing with mucho enthusiasm. The smells of the local taco stand and the man that cooks the Churros (long sugared donut) waft across the plaza. Church bells give a different ring for the 1/4 and 1/2 hour. The birds are screeching in the group of trees behind me. and the old men on the bench next to me speak quietly in spanish. Lots of busy car traffic, parents dropping off the kids to school…their colorful costumes and uniforms adding to the scene and happy laughter as they greet their friends. Kids really are the same everywhere.
When I work on location – it is more than just viewing and documenting information. I soak in all the surroundings and think of it each time I see that drawing. My small sketchbooks are not for sale or publication. They are like a friend that speaks back to me the story of that place. I hope by writing some of my experience, and posting my paintings, I can share some of that story with you.

PALM STUDY – Casita Rosita
My pal Rosemary has an amazing tropical getaway hidden in the dusty streets of Bucerius – Casa Rosita near Puerto Vallarta.
This was what greeted me in the humid sunshine of the first morning on the balcony. The casita is like living in the canopy of many varieties of palm trees in the garden. Complete with bright Oriels, hummingbirds, iguanas, possums and the biggest black bumblebee I have EVER seen. He was like a slow helicopter buzzing the vines and flowers. I am always facinated by the patterns and layers of the palm leaves – but I had never seen the seeds and fruit so close before.

Further down along the pebble paved pathway through the garden the sounds of a splashing fountain defy the blistering heat of the sun overhead. The Ginger flowers stand up from 3 to 8 feet high. and of course against the background of the blue patterned tile…it is a visual delight.

14″ x 20″ watercolor on arches

14″ x 14″ watercolor on rough arches

and what mexican Jardin is complete without a blast of bouganvilla. this last painting is also of the tile surround under the brick edge of the stucco walls. shadows and all . one of my favorite plants wherever I find them…they remind me of little snips of bright tissue paper…overlapping with shadows and shapes, spilling over the roughest of walls and climbing the tallest trees.

I will be finishing a couple of plein air watercolors from the mountain village of San Sebastion and load them tomorrow. So check back for more mexican art adventures.


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