Best use of my time on INSTAGRAM

I know a lot about making art.

I know a bit about the internet.
I know a bit about how algorithms and technology works for searching and social media feeds.
I know a bit about marketing.
I hear the scary news about scams and the pitfalls of sharing online.

I want to grow my “recognition” as an artist and professional.
I want to promote new work, upcoming events and activities.
I want to connect with my “friends & followers” and peers in a sincere manner.

I don’t want to waste my precious creative time.
I don’t want to spend more money.

so… I invested some valuable time to learn more than I know.
and found a great resource – free!
Her name is Gillian Perkins (click for link to video)
and her basic, no-nonsense , low tech speak was engaging and informative.

 I learned a lot about the updated technology of social media
and especially about INSTAGRAM which I like as a visual and sharing platform.
I wanted to find a way to spend LESS time, ENJOY the process and get RESULTS.

I have been using my new IG techniques for about 6 months now – with very positive and high return on my time investment. And it has been an enjoyable and informative experience.
Once a week for only an hour.
Here is the secret. ( I will use Visual Arts as my topic/passion/peers)

Go searching for the art style and artists you really love.
*Find the best of the best – someone who does it REALLY well
(preferably an established artist with 2000+ followers)
Enjoy scrolling through their image feed, videos and comments.

I aim to search/find x5 NEW artists to follow weekly. I spend about 10-15 min on each.

CONNECT with your peers or favorites Once you find an artist you admire – click FOLLOW on their IG page.
Enjoy yourself. FIND a fabulous piece/video that you REALLY like. Think about WHY you like it.
Make a RELEVANT comment
. About their process, details or technique particular to that image.
NOT just “love it” or a bunch of hearts or a stupid happy face emoji.
IMPORTANT: Use their IG @name WITHIN your comment. (this will increase the chance they will see it – out of their thousands of followers comments)

*I have found a background way of searching and connecting with more artist’s on IG that I really admire. People that you had never heard of before – many with 10’s of thousands of followers.

Go to one of your favorite artists.
Make sure you already FOLLOW them on IG.
at the top of their IG feed You will see ie : 74 posts | 642 followers | 325 following

You can click on “325 following “ for a live linked list of ALL the people that THEY follow.
You can scroll through to see if there is another artist whose work looks interesting.
A great way to save time and enjoy the online research and connection to your favorite style or subject.

As I mentioned I have been using – and ENJOYING – this Instagram technique for about 6 months.
And I feel it has also been VERY successful for me. (go back to my wants/don’t wants list)
for every hour I have INVESTED and enjoyed – I have found 5 new artists work that I admire.

From those 5 “sincere” connections and relevant comments – I usually receive 3-5 direct replies.
And within days, hours or sometimes minutes – I make a connection – with a new “peer” FOLLOWER.
That gives me great satisfaction. And some much needed validation – in this fickle art world.
Someone who’s work I admire. Someone who now knows about me and reflects a common interest.
It is perhaps slower that purchasing a load of empty followers or garnering inane comments, but MUCH more satisfying and beneficial to my own pursuits.

I am celebrating 500 Followers on Instagram.
Most of them other artists and folks whose work I admire.
I delete the bogus followers.
I have also found that new, global followers trickle in after using my hashtags effectively.
But that is all another bucket of worms. Watch the video!  Gillian Perkins


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