BC Plein Air – the tribe gathers

An informal association of British Columbia’s most acclaimed Plein Air artists featured in conjunction with regional events. 

Like the iconic Canadian Group of 7 and the traditional French Impressionist painters, this talented group of invited artists celebrates the diverse BC landscape working directly from natural & urban settings.

Watch for future events & activities and follow this talented tribe into the field on a colorful creative journey.

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the group is always changing.
the location is always changing – but it is in BC.
There is no board or meetings.
Talent, dedication to Plein Air and professionalism. 

IF you are associated with a regional/public event in BC and would like to feature 
the BC Plein Air artists working on site and in exhibition – contact Jan Poynter

IF you are a professional BC Plein Air painter – with your own web site, social media following, exhibition/gallery experience, independant character & professional standards…
An artist who is low maintenance in challenging conditions, loves the public, is willing to share tasks, wants to contribute and has good humour – contact Jan Poynter to discuss.

This group will remain at 10-12 participants. A managable size for communication, transport, accommodation, exhibition, accounting, feeding and most importantly – comraderie.
Peer recommendation required.


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