ART CRAWL day one… Friday Oct16


ART CRAWL day Two… Saturday Oct 17
Demo in progress. 14×18 in Acrylic on panel
I have set up the following photos as pairs
to best compare the stages as they progress.

The description of of each stage is below the photo.

ArtCrwl_DEMOsat1 VanD

8.5×11 photo of VanDusen gardens – was used as a reference. Without creating an absolute replica I used strong elements of the subject that I liked. The 14×18 birch panel was pre-primed with a textured gesso, and tinted with a “blend” of sienna/green. If you look closely on the Layout you can see some green watercolor crayon lines for basic rough in – these lines can be wiped off when the paint lines are dry.
100 % Paynes Grey fluid acrylic line mix was used to “draw” the image onto the panel with loose brush strokes OVER the WC crayon lines. Thinned line mix was used to rough in an underpainted value study.

ArtCrwl_DEMOsat2 VanD

Mixing greyed/subdued color the general areas of color and sky/water highlights are roughed in. Working on this dark linework or dark background these colors will become slightly darker when dried. Brighter, more saturated color comes as the 2nd stage. Brightest and darkest full color comes last.

ArtCrwl_DEMOsat3 VanD

FILLS & defining edges
Developing more refined edges on the foreground subjects. Softer edges on the distant tree line, reflections, etc. Using the mid-tone colors to paint the NEGATIVE spaces between all leaves, branches etc. Brighter highlights to the middle ground tree clumps, keeping them loose,  just suggesting shapes with light on the upper left . Small line detail within the dark branch lines – bottom right.

ArtCrwl_DEMOsat4 VanD

CORRECTING reflections with LINE color
After stepping back to review…I realized the tree branches in the water reflection had the wrong angles. To keep with the underpaint + application process I used the Paynes Grey line mix to re-paint the tree and trunks (under) the yellow tree into the water reflections.

ArtCrwl_DEMOsat6 VanD

FINAL highlights and color
Deep greens were applied to the new tree relection shapes (with soft edges)
Deeper full color tones and brighter highlights were added to all trees. More definition of the fine maple leaves into bottom right – taking care to “layer” over and under the fine branches. Water surface horizontal light, lilypads and more color to the forground grasses.

VanDusen Autumn – maple cascade”
Acrylic on Board   14″x 18″ Available unframed $620.00

2015-10-24 09.59.00


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