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The LONGVIEW      a format – an aspect – a way of thinking

the LONGVIEW  ART BLOCK collection

Small original gouache paintings are mounted and sealed to a 6in x 6in block
(1  1/2 ” deep) and easy to hang as a single art object or grouped in a grid, vertical or horizontal.

Select your favorites for a pledge of $100 each  (see below for DETAILS)
(Generous patrons are welcome to pledge more to support and be part of my creative journey ;-)
View the full collection and purchase available ART BLOCKS through my Daily Paintworks site


This is a fundraiser for my upcoming Artist in Residence through May at Mackie Lake House
in Vernon BC. and the next 6 months development of major works for a solo show in 2016.

I will be displaying the full collection of Art Blocks during my solo exhibition at the
Vernon Public Art Gallery throughout June as followup to the Residency.

The ART BLOCKS that have been purchased will only be released for delivery
AFTER  July 2-2015 on my return to the studio.
Shipping is NOT included in the $100 pledge payment.

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